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About SSVP

SSVP is a worldwide lay movement saddled with fulfilling one of the principal apostolate of the Church by bringing God’s love to the poor.

We are called to love and serve the poor by bringing God’s good news to them, especially the  abandoned, the vulnerable, the jailed etc in a concrete and direct way.

Education Support
Going to school is happy for any poor child. So education is always a priority issue.
We secure freedom for inmates who are bail qualified and cannot meet their bail conditions.
Health Support
We meet the lack in critical situations where patients are unable to get adequate health care and treatments.
Welfare Support
Many families cannot feed or clothe themselves. Our standards ensure basic needs are met at this level.

Our Mission

Our mission is nothing less than to love and serve the poor by bringing God’s good news to the poor, the abandoned, the vulnerable and the captive.

Our Impact in Nigeria

We are proud of what we do, the figures tell the story.



We believe in what we do at SSVP. 18 nationwide Regions are touching lives.



SSVP members spreads across Catholic Churches in over 250 councils.



Successful campaigns and programs annually.

Our Impact in the World

SSVP’s presence is helping people across many countries of the world.



SSVP’s presence in over 151 countries and have helped a lot of people and communities.


(thousand) Members

800,000 SSVP members spreads across Catholic Churches worldwide



Successful campaigns and programs.

Your Gifts can save a life

It is our collective duty to see that we cater for the poor and needy around. Your donations will a long way to help spread the love.