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Good Friday blank

Good Friday is one of the Triduum.

It is a Friday before Easter that the Holy mother church commemorate the passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ, though a day saddened with grief and pains yet called “Good”. it is a day that heralded Christ mission on Earth in which he paid for our guilts (sins) and re-establish us with our father like it was in the beginning of days.

Today the Holy mother church venerates the cross universally, because the cross is the principal symbol of our Christian Faith and through which salvation of humanity was won.

The cross has remained a symbol and a relic to Christians for protection which wades off demonic influence.


The cross also reminds us of the victory Jesus Christ won for us through sacrifice and forgiveness and wants us to replicate same in our daily lives.


We make the sign of the cross as Catholics because we recognise this victory in the cross by invoking the HOLY TRINITY in our prayers.

As vincentians be proud to make the sign of the cross in your daily prayers and always.


Happy Good Friday!


~ Elizabeth Sunday

National Secretary

Vincentian Youths of Nigeria