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NIGERIA takes the 1st and 2nd prize for 3rd International Literary contest: Paul Lamache.


On the feast day of Blessed Frederic Ozanam, the CGI announced the results of the international competition for the year dedicated to Paul Lamache.

The International President General, Renato Lima de Oliveira, on behalf of the International General Council announced the results of the third International Literary Contest.

And to our pride, we have NIGERIA all over it.

1st Prize: Njoku Collins
(Port Harcourt, NIGERIA)
PRIZE: 1,000€

2nd Prize ex aequo:

Elza Alemão
(Curvelo, BRAZIL) and
Patricia Onuoha
(Okigwe, NIGERIA),
PRICE: 750€

3rd Prize:
Dominic Pinto
(Bombay, INDIA),
PRICE: 500€

Special Honorable Mention:
Philippe Menet
(Paris, France)

Honorable Mention:

Ogbu Obina

Luciana Moreira
(Limeira, BRAZIL)

Kyrian Njoku
(Port Harcourt, NIGERIA)

The SSVP International General Council will also award an equivalent amount to the Conference to which the author of the work belongs. The money given to the Conference will be allocated in full for social work, an activity or project carried out by the Conference, represented by its President.

Kudos to the winners.

The Vincentian Youths of Nigeria appreciates and celebrates with her winners, you make us proud.



Bro. Pastol Nnochiri
National Coordinator,
Youth, Teenagers & Children.

“In all things, let us dedicate ourselves to ensuring that everything we do is for the greater glory of God”.

Paul Lamache

The CGI announces the results of the international competition for the year dedicated to Paul Lamache